ResumeRanking Helps Companies Sort And Rank Applicants Using Machine Intelligence And Automation. ResumeRanking Can Read And Rank 10,000 Applicants Resumes Without Blinking An Eye.

Our system can identify best-fit candidates for job openings using heuristic approach incorporating machine leaning and predictive analysis, increasing recruiting productivity and efficiency.

No Supervision

ResumeRanking plugs into any resume system or software and continuously updates its understanding of applicants resumes and job requirements.

No Keywords

ResumeRanking's patent-pending machine learning engine accurately sense all information in applicants' resumes heuristically, not just keyword.

No Filtering

ResumeRanking looks at applicant resumes, forming patterns of features or concepts of resumes to match with job openings.

Industry First Resume Predictive Model

ResumeRanking deeply understands the patterns of applicant career path using all resume data and related HR information. Predicative model constantly learns and updates itself to generate real-time models.

Modules That Fits Different ATS Systems And HR Softwares

Customizable Modules

Organize modules as fit for specific hiring needs for different stages of recruiting steps.

Easy Automation

Any resume input or change or hiring event update can be scripted into the system.

Insightful Dashboard

Real-time updates show impact for interviews and hiring efficiency improvement.

Spreadsheet Analysis

Ranking results can be exported to spreadsheet for further analysis.

Provide Turnkey Machine Intelligence And Automation For Resume Data Analysis

More clients now believe in a future where machine learning and automation provides immediate value to their recruiting effort. ResumeRanking system can integrate with any ATS platform or HR software that leverages big data to gain deeper business insight or to automate hiring operations.

Constantly Learning Resumes And Job Openings

ResumeRanking provides a intelligence layer over across different recruiting stages. The machine learning engine autonomously memorizes, analyzes, predicts and organizes.

Leverage Tools Your Business Trusts

ResumeRanking can integrate with any resume platform you use, enabling a wide variety of use cases, including resume ranking, recruiting efficiency analysis, and more.

Recruiting Made Efficient

ResumeRanking senses and responds to applicant resumes across platforms, providing turnkey machine learning engine at any scale.